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Welcome To Our Shop

  Welcome to our shop, where we are always striving to provide the latest & up-to-date products that will make working with live edge slabs, large timbers, epoxy river tables,etc. with ease & efficiency.

  From our incredible surfacing machines to accessories, our company is focused on the slab/woodworking industry. We are working hard to improve our, already great products, even further & we always set the bar high.

  Our products are manufactured in machining facilities, where very extreme, tight tolerances are required to pass our test. So you can purchase with confidence, knowing you will be receiving a high quality product.

  We have 100% safe & secure checkout process. We never collect any financial information under any circumstances.

  We also provide prompt shipping for items in stock. If there are any items out of stock, we most times have more be manufactured & usually have the items back in stock in a few weeks.

  Even tho we try hard to keep stock of all items, sometimes we sell out quickly & are still waiting on the new restocking shipment. In that case, we welcome you to message or call us to check in on the estimated time the items will be back in stock. Or check our store at a later date.

 We extend to you the very best wishes & nothing but success in your future!

     Best Regards, Jay from JointaWood

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