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Snowy Woodland Trees

JointaWood Machine Locator

Are you a woodworker needing your projects flattened?

  This map can give you a quick visual of the closest JointaWood flattening machine owners, located near you.

  Click on the pin to see a link to the business website or social media page. Feel to reach out to the business & ask about the slab flattening services they offer.

Are you interested in seeing a JointaWood flattening machine work?

  Since we get asked all the time, "Who has a machine closest to me?" This map will make it easy for you to see where all our machines are located.

  If you're interested in buying a JointaWood machine to add to your own business, & would like to see a machine in person; you can find the business located near you.

  PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL. Not all businesses or individuals are interested in offering live machine demos or machine showings. BE SURE to reach out & inquire about potentially seeing one of our machines in person.

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