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About Our Company
We Never Compromise On Highest Quality

    Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Jay, engineer, designer, & manufacturer of the all new patent pending surfacing machine.

    Myself, along with my wife, are also the founders of the new emerging company, JointaWood, where our vision & goal is to provide the highest quality woodworking machines tailored specifically to, although not limited to, the live edge slab woodworking industry.

    We have a clear vision to turn our company into a dominating force by providing, not only the highest quality machines, but also provide the best customer service & satisfaction possible.

12" slab flattening mill
Designing slab flattening machine
Surfacing machine prototype
Flattening machine prototype

The Concept Is Born
From design concept to existence

  •     Being a woodworker for years & in the year of 2014, I've been looking at getting started working with large live edge slabs to make epoxy river tables, etc. Well being familiar with the traditional planers, jointers, wide drum/belt sanders, it soon became apparent & obvious these machines will not easily & efficiently flatten the huge slabs. Big heavy slabs are hard enough to handle, let alone trying to maneuver them through a planer or wide belt sander.

  •     Early in year 2015, I started researching online, trying to find a solution, or machine to make flattening wide slabs easier. After lots of research, I was not successful in finding a legitimate solution.

  •     That same year, I started spending hours upon hours learning CAD design software. After some time, I learned enough for me to be able start engineering & the design concept I had in my mind started to transform into parts & assembly.

  •     Fast forward throughout the years to early in the year of 2020, through many many hours & late nights of engineering,  I finally completed the prototype.

  •     The prototype worked pretty well, but needed updates & design tweaks. 

  •     I posted pictures on some woodworking/epoxy groups on Facebook. The response has been incredible, I spent 2 days just responding to messages & comments of people who were very interested.

slab flattened on our surfacing machine
flattening large live edge slab

The Redesign
Perfecting the prototype

    •     There was one gentleman in particular who reached out to me from one of those posts on Facebook. I would like to give a shoutout to Zach Wedekind from Rustic Lumber Store, he believed in my design concept & pretty much was on board from the start.

    •     I kicked into overdrive working on the official redesign, made sure i paid extra attention to detail & a high quality machine was forefront in my mind. In addition to redesigning, I got to work submitting applications for the patenting process. 

    •     This is where I upgraded from a 9" cutterhead only, to a 12" wide helical head/sanding drum cutterhead unit.

    •     In March of 2021, approximately 1 year after I completed & tested the prototype, Rustic Lumber Store took delivery to the very first official JointaWood flattening machine & now over a year later, it is one of the hardest working machines in their shop.

    • Find Rustic Lumber Store in the links below:

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

The Future Of JointaWood
Constantly pushing innovation

Expanding Our Product Line

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Plans to expand & grow

Achieving online presence

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    Even tho the surfacing machine is the very first machine to be part of the JointaWood brand, we have big goals to expand our product line to a wider range of quality woodworking machines for any small woodshop, to production woodshops.

    Find us on Facebook at JointaWood Slab Surfacers


    Find us on Instagram at slabwoodplaner

    Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram, so you never miss any updates or annoucements.

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