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   This flush trim bit is Big Guy bit's little brother!

   On this bit, you will never need to get your cutting edges professionally sharpened, thanks to the 4 sided replaceable inserts. Simply loosen the screw, rotate 1/4 turn, & retighten screw for a brand new, razor sharp cutting edge.

  The bit comes with 1 set of inserts already installed.

Little Guy flush trim bit

SKU: FT1.5bit

Amount of inserts required = 8 pcs (1 ten pack)

Insert Size: 12 x 12 x 2.2 - 35degree

Shank diameter: 1/2"

Bit diameter: 0.95"

Cutting Capacity (thickness): 1.5"

Top & bottom guide bearings

T-handle torx wrench included

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