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Our Standard Features
Unbeatable Quality

At JointaWood, simply selling products has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time and effort to ensure our production process is at the highest level possible. Our goal is to produce high quality woodworking machines, designed to do most of the hard work for you; while at the same time, getting it done quickly & efficiently.  

 The JointaWood Slab Surfacer is a high quality, specially designed, machine dedicated to flattening large live edge slabs, timbers, twisted & cupped lumber, epoxy resin river tabletops.

   What makes our machine different from anything on the market?

   This machine runs a 12" wide helical cutterhead & a 12" wide sanding drum; all on the same PATENT PENDING cutterhead unit & there is absolutely no switching out components to switch from planing mode to sanding mode. Each mode is easily activated by simply turning a hand crank on top of cutterhead unit.

   Offering two model widths, 50" wide & 74" wide slab capacity, along with table attachments available in 5' & 10' lengths, you can customize the length that fits your needs. 

   The finish quality coming off machine is incredible! Time to throw out the router sled setup & put your slab surfacing needs into overdrive. There's so much more that could be listed here but try it out & see why it's...........................


Read below to learn more.

Patent Pending 12" cutterhead unit

Large 12" wide cutterhead & sanding drum

PATENT PENDING cutterhead unit

  • 12" wide spiral cutterhead w/12" wide sanding drum

  • 5HP motor produces more than enough power than needed

  • Planer Mode to Sander Mode by hand crank on top of unit (no switching components)

  • Micro-adjustment to align side to side cut level

  • Spring loaded rollers to apply a light, clamp-like, pressure to workpiece 

12" helical cutterhead & sanding drum

Helical Head Advantages

Very minimal to zero tearout

This cutterhead produces an incredible finish, thanks to the 4 sided inserts. Without needing any special tools, you can easily loosen the screw, & turn the insert 1/4 turn for a new razor sharp cutting edge. They operate at a low noise level & also take much less power, than traditional straight blade cutterheads. This cutterhead powers through epoxy resin, highly figured wood, etc. producing an incredible finish with very minimal, to zero tearout.

4" dust collection port

Dust Control

Excellent dust extraction

Hook up your vacuum ductwork directly to the 4" dust port, & let the dust collector clean up the mess for you.

With flexible brushes mounted around the bottom of cutterhead unit, coupled with a large dust port, this setup captures 95% of all wood chips & dust.

Huge advantage comparing to a router sled setup is, very minimal cleanup needed after a day of flattening slabs.

heavy duty linear rails

Heavy Duty Linear Rails

Effortless motion

We use heavy duty linear slides on all of the machine's X, Y, Z axis, resulting in smooth, low-friction motion.

adjustable table legs

Adjustable Table Legs

Easy table leveling

Fully adjustable leveling feet on table legs, ensure the table is setup perfectly level & without a "twist" in the table.

Gantry /machine control

Machine Control

Standard basic machine control

(optional upgrade available)

  • Both models (50" & 74") come standard with forward/reverse drive (requires operator to walk alongside of machine to operate forward/reverse via VFD)

  • 5hp single phase motor w/magnetic ON/OFF switch

  • Single phase 220V input

  • Left/right, vertical movement by handwheel

Sanding Mode

Switching from planing to sanding has never been easier. Simply rotate handle counterclockwise to lower the sanding drum below the cutterhead cut plane.

Large Handwheels

(optional upgrade available)

We use large handwheels for side to side & vertical motion.

Using large handwheels allows for easy, precise adjustment.

  • 6" diameter handwheel for side to side motion, moving 1" per rotation

  • 8" handwheel for vertical/thickness adjustment allowing for precise positioning

Cable Carrier

With the cable carrier, it keeps all wires neat & clean, allowing full range motion, eliminating the possibility of wires getting tangled or caught.

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